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A Different Look at Wine

All items are handcrafted and designed from reclaimed wine barrels. The wood is white oak, which has its own unique markings and characteristics from the barrel making process. After disassembling the barrel each stave is sanded and stained with either a dark walnut or natural stain to enhance the grain of the white oak. Once all staves are dry from the staining process they are used to create all the pieces you see on my website.

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Columbia River Gorge

Theres a saying in the Columbia Gorge regarding commerce " keep it in the Gorge" meaning do your best to support local businesses. And with more than 40 wineries in the Gorge the reclaimed barrels I use to create my products are purchased at several of the 40+ wineries in the Columbia Gorge. Moreover I can also be assured that the barrels I purchase are of premium quality.

Wine Barrels

Most of the barrels I use housed some varietal of red wine so when you look at the end product more times than not I do not stain the bottom of the staves. That red "tint" or "hue" comes from the red wine itself.