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Product Category: Miscelaneous

Wine Barrel Stave Wall Sconce

IMG_3237My latest creation is a wine barrel stave wall sconce. The staves have been lightly sanded keeping the integrity of the wine barrel. An application of teak oil is applied to preserve the beauty of the wood.There are 2 LED lights mounted on the top and bottom of the middle support piece with a hidden cord.
Price: $189

Wine Barrel Serving Tray

Stave DesignsThis serving tray was made from a reclaimed wine barrel head. The elongated middle section gives the tray a unique and one of a kind look. Most serving trays will have the winery's logo branded on the barrel head showcasing the authenticity of each serving tray. Any tray can be made into a lazy susan fort an additional $15 More Info »
Price: $89

Wine Barrel Ice Chest

Ice Chestthe Wine Barrel Ice Chest is great for entertaining and also doubles as a table with its dual hinged wooden top. inside is sealed with rhino lining making it leak proof and the authentic spigot allows for easy draining. The base is nothing more than a stand making it a breeze to store or transport. Dimensions 20”x25” without the stand. More Info »
Price: $395

Wine Barrel Fruit Bowl

IMG_3256This wine barrel fruit bowl is made from recycled wine barrel staves, typically 3-4 make up this piece. They measure between16"-22" in length and have a discretely attached base for stability. Makes a great display for your fruit, an electronic remote control catch all or small serving tray.
Price: $60

Dog or Cat House

Dog or Cat House
Price: $225

Cutting Board

Cutting Board
Price: $45