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Product Category: Wine Racks

Split Wine & Glass Rack

Split Wine & Glass RackThis piece allows the owner to show off both their collection of wine holding up to 25 bottles along with 4-6 of their finest wine glasses. More Info »
Price: $399

Half Barrel Wine Rack

Half Barrel Wine RackFor those who are limited on space this piece nestles against any wall and has some of the same features as the full barrel rack including soft lighting and individual placement for each bottle. Capacity 12 bottles. Dimensions 36”x13” More Info »
Price: $599

Full Barrel Wine Rack

Stave Designs-15Uniquely lit, this showpiece brings your wine to the forefront. It has been re-enforced with approximately 180-200 stainless pan head screws to retain its shape forever. The lighting gives the bottle display sublime appeal. The Barrel Wine Rack will be a "sure fit" to any wine cellar or gathering spot where your wine is shared. Capacity 24 bottles. Dimensions 36”x25” More Info »
Price: $799

47 Bottle Stave Wine Rack

47 Bottle Wine RackThis rack made completely from reclaimed wine barrels holds 47 bottles of wine. Custom racks are available upon request. More Info »
Price: $399

37 Bottle Stave Wine Rack

37 Bottle Wine RackThis stave wine rack is made from Columbia Gorge wine barrels that have been carefully taken apart and fashioned into a fully functional wine rack to hold the wine it just held. This standing stave wine rack made from Oak barrel staves is compact enough to squeeze into smaller living quarters but, large enough to More Info »
Price: $350

15 Bottle Wine Rack

15 Bottle Wine RackThese space saving wine racks are great for the wine enthusiast that wants to display their collection of wine. The small rack holds 15 bottles and for the more frequent consumer the 37-bottle rack doesn’t take up much more room than its smaller cousin. Dimensions will vary More Info »
Price: $249